Thursday, July 7, 2011

happy thursday!

I am a new member of Pyrex Collective but have been collecting off & on for about nine years.  I always knew that I had a minor obsession with the beautiful brightness of all things pyrex, but until recently, I never realized how many others share in this obsession!  I currently have two patterns I collect.  When I was about 18 I started collecting the Spring Blossom pattern - green & flowers - I was in love.
Then came the Dots.  I only have three of the Dots bowls because in my experience they seem to be a tad harder to come across in good condition without paying a high antique store price!  I've also picked up a few random pieces here and there that are great for daily use.  
And finally, the whole little family.  Well, almost.  I realized my small Spring Blossom casserole dish was left at my mother's house, and a few of my Spring Blossom mixing bowls are currently residing with a friend.  One thing I know for sure, Pyrex is amazing, but when you are a newlywed and still living in an apartment, a girl can only have so many mixing bowls!  One day the collection will get to live together again.

Thanks everyone for posting your newest pyrex finds & how you display your collection.  It has been a while since I have bought a new piece, but all the awesomeness on this collective has made me feel like a few more pieces are needed!

Thanks for reading!

You can check out more of my vintage obsessions here at  educated...not so domesticated where I blog about my thrifting finds as well as my life as an elementary school teacher.

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  1. Welcome!! I love your collection....especially the Dots!!