Monday, July 25, 2011

Bluegrass, Autumn Band, Laurel Leaf... I call it Turquoise Loveliness!

Hi Everyone, I wanted to share a new (to me) pattern that I picked up at my local Sal's while out thrifting with the husbundo (lucky I married someone who thinks it's fun to look through other people's old junk treasures).
Anyway, my Pyrex radar went off immediately upon walking through the door. I ditched my man and and beelined it for the dishes because I saw some turquoise reaching out to me from a little stack in the center of the shelf.
I've only ever seen these tableware pieces online, never in person. They're wonderful! Great condition and the color is really vibrant,
My only dilemna now is I originally thought I might resell them, but they are growing on me. Fast. I've already eaten off them. Twice. I don't even mind that the dinner plates now have to be hand washed.
How do you all make the decision to keep or purge when it comes to such beautiful, beautiful Pyrex?


  1. ohh!! I love turquoise! It's my favorite color =)

  2. i found some of the same plates and was dead set on trading... but they are still sitting on my shelf. they are too cute. i say keep them!

  3. Five of these called to me at a flea market Sunday. Turns out there were ten more under the table! 15, all perfect, not quite sure of their fate yet. So vibrant and pretty.