Saturday, July 30, 2011

Trading Success!

Check out my sweet Pyrex additions! At the beginning of the month I posted on here and my own blog with a picture of pieces I no longer wanted and was willing to trade. SUCCESS!

With my new Pyrex friend Linda, I traded the Blue Horizon 045 for the Snowflake 045. I love the oval casseroles and was hesitant to part with my Blue Horizon 045 since I used it so much but it didn't go with my collection. Problem solved! Perfect.

Then, with my new Pyrex friend Lisa, I traded the Blue Horizon 443 for the Butterprint 471 (top right) as well as another Butterprint 501 (tiny fridgie). The pattern on the 471 is so mini and adorable!

This means that I am now one piece short of a full set of set of mixing bowls, 470 casseroles, AND refrigerator dishes. AHHH the torture! Does anyone out there have the Butterprint 404, 503, or 472 and want to trade it for any of my remaining pieces?

And now we're off to Bele Chere for a day of good friends, music, art, and food. Can't wait! Hope you all have a great Saturday as well.


  1. Your collection is beautiful! Alas, I am also looking for the 472 in butterprint, my favorite!

  2. I love how your collection looks! I am so happy with our trade, I love the Blue Horizon goes with my colors much better then the Turq snowflake! I hope to collect some more Blue Horizon in the future.
    hugs, Linda

  3. I love your restraint- to have such a cohesive collection, and it's a great display, too!

  4. ...i have a 472 butterprint!! email me at :)