Friday, July 1, 2011

My Little Butterprint Collection

Here's my little collection of Pyrex Butterprint. I haven't found a new piece in months and I'm fiending hardcore. I only collect the turquoise on white and lately all I've seen is the white on turquoise or ridiculously high prices. I just saw the 401 (smallest Cinderella casserole) and it was so adorable but it was $22! It was mint condition but was too much for me.  I also recently came across the 404 (largest mixing bowl) but it was pretty scratched up and I decided to hold out for a better one.

I have a feeling that if I ever come across the pink or yellow/orange Butterprint I wouldn't be able to resist. So far I've never seen it in real life though, only online.

I have lots of other pieces of other patterns but I'm trying to either gift, trade, or sell them. Our house is too small for me to keep everything I find. Perhaps I'll post some pictures here soon and see if anyone wants to trade.

Also pictured: Cape Cod cruet, Federal three spout measuring cup, Hazel Atlas? juicer, a crystal measuring cup - manufacturer unknown to me, and a Cape Cod small pitcher - I use it to fill the coffeemaker with water every morning :)


  1. I have a Butterprint 441 smallest Cinderella bowl (turquoise on white) in good shape that I would be happy to trade- much better than $22! Let me know if you are interested- I'm looking mostly for the smallest mixing bowls in most patterns....

  2. You collection is sweet! I have some small Butterprint casseroles (turquoise on white) that I would like to trade also. Contact me if interested.

  3. I also have some to trade. Contact me if you are interested.
    Side note: This antique shop near me has the complete set of cinderella bowls, yellow on white. They are lovely and $89. That is the only place I have seen them in person. I hope you find yellow or pink.

  4. Nice collection, and I love your display!

  5. I'm excited! I've got the picture of tradeables on my blog I Hope I have something you guys want!