Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Mom's Pyrex

Well, I came to the Pyrex Collective and I was going to post about my mom's pyrex and I saw that Abby had posted about her grandmother's. So, I'm going to continue the theme and talk about these:

I'm visiting my parents' house for a few days and thought I'd share this set that I've been eying for a while now. This is my mom's pyrex, a shenandoah bowl set. She bought it as a young married woman in India in the early 80s (things came out later there than in the US back then). However, when we moved to the US in '91, the pyrex had to stay behind! After 15-20 years of settlement in America, the old pyrex and a few other pieces of heirloom china and crockery were finally remembered. They had been staying in storage with a good friend and so we asked everything to be shipped. Then, a few years ago we received a big crate with a whole bunch of kitchenware in it. This shenandoah set was one of the things that came out of it. Back then, I wasn't collecting pyrex. But when I did realize that my mom had a set of pyrex dishes I was thrilled!

When I told my parents' about my obsession with pyrex, they were happy and very supportive. My dad reminisced a lot about his mom's pyrex and particularly remembered a turquoise blue snowflake dish that she had. So when I found it on Ebay I bought it for him as a gift. He loved it. Pyrex made memories for my parents and I hope it will make them for me and my family too!



  1. Such a sweet story of you buying Pyrex for your father. Nice set!

  2. Very nice set of Shenandoah!