Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hello, and some highlights from my collection.

Hi! Allow me to introduce myself, as I am a new member of the Pyrex collective. Until last week, I was a graduate student living in Tucson, AZ. In order to give myself something to do outside of my studies, I started collecting pyrex two years ago. Now, I am staying with family members in Phoenix, until I move to Germany for a year of research in mid-september.  This means my collecting has been put on hold for the forseeable future, and a purge is in order. However, I'd like to show off some of the gems of my collection.


Navajo and Seville casseroles. When I saw them at a consignment shop, I squealed. I paid $20 for each of them--the most I've paid for any piece of pyrex.

 Red hostess dishes. I also have a yellow set, but red is my favorite.
Golden tulip and golden honeysuckle. (Not pictured: a larger golden honeysuckle that is new in the box!--$8 at St. Vincent De Paul)
 Solid Turquoise (including a chip and dip, but without the elusive wire cradle)
 Snowflake garland--this is one of my favorite patterns, and I'm looking forward to collecting more of it, including the coordinates, upon my return to the US.

Terra--people tend to be divided about this pattern, but I rather like it.

I am looking forward to sharing more with you all!


  1. You have some great pieces! I haven't seen the Navajo pattern before- lovely!

  2. wow you have some very uniqe pieces!


    The Joyful Thrifter

  3. LOVE the turquoise!! You have a wonderful collection :)

  4. what a wonderful array of pieces! I absolutely LOVE those first two casserole dished - I have never seem them before - what gems!

    welcome & thank you for sharing!


  5. I had only ever seen the Navajo and Seville on Pyrex Love's pattern reference page before I saw them in a consignment store in Tucson, and I let out a little squeal of excitement, and bought them both.

  6. Love that Seville! You have a great collection.

  7. Love the Navajo and Seville - you have some really nice pieces...

  8. OOOOHHHHHH! I am JEALOUS of your Seville piece! That's lovely, thank you for sharing.

  9. Wow, you have quite an amazing collection. Thanks for sharing. :)