Thursday, July 21, 2011

Time to Focus after an Incredible Week.

How do you decide on which patterns/colors to focus your collections on? I am suffering from Pyrexia Nervosa at the thought of swapping, selling or otherwise getting rid of any of my pieces. I have narrowed down my collection to Pyrex only with the exception of the gorgeous Fire-King Tulip Bowl. Don't get me wrong, I still have more Fire-King... I just don't display it.


The Forest Fancies, Primary Yellow and one of the Spring Blossoms were all scored from a local online auction where I bid on the entire contents of a cabinet by photo alone. I paid $7.99 and also included were some great pots and pans, vintage rolling pin and other kitchen goodies.

The stacked Daisy set with two lids, one of the Flamingo Pink round casseroles, a Gold Butterfly small casserole, Green primary, several pieces of Fire-King and a Maid of Honor fridgie were all scored on Craigslist for $20. I will be gifting the Fire-King and adorable Maid of Honor Fridgie

A generous friend gifted me the Autumn Harvest set of three, a Yellow primary, Gold Butterfly casserole and two Early American pieces, a 4 qt. Town & Country cinderella AND a couple of Spring Blossom mixing bowls!

I now have over 50 pieces of Pyrex and need to focus and organize. Does anyone have any opinions on which pieces you think I should stay with or does anyone have a trade you would like for me to consider?


  1. If you want to limit what you collect, choose a couple favorite patterns and stick with them. Otherwise, some people like to rotate their Pyrex displays according to seasons which can be nice too!
    I try to collect mostly pink and turquoise Pyrex but if you are willing to part with it, I would love to buy/trade for your Friendship lasagna pan! You have a nice collection.

  2. Most of the pieces that I am willing to part with are things that were given to me. Early on, I would buy anything and I've learned to be patient, and leave behind pieces in awful condition, patterns I don't absolutely love, and shapes that I don't need.

    I've thought about just donating my unloved pieces to my favorite local thrift shop -- because the laws of Thrift Shop Karma say that the more treasures you donate, the better treasures you find -- but then again, I might want to hang on to them to trade one day. I think *space* (or lack thereof) will be my eventual reason for purging.

  3. I too suffer from various forms of Pyrexia!! My collection is getting way out of had, and I'm running out of places to display it! I know I need to focus on certain pieces to complete various sets...but it's sooooo hard for me to do!!

    You definitely had a very good week!! Your collection is very beautiful displayed in that vintage china cabinet!

  4. If your not sure, just keep them all. But if you need space I would pick two or three patterns you really love and trade/sell the rest so you can add to the other collections that you love so much. I love your cabinet and all the pretty pieces you have :)

  5. You really do have a wonderful collection. I have decided I must limit my Pyrex collecting for space reasons mostly. Now I have some pieces I will trade for others I would like to have. Once you decide your favorite patterns, let me know and maybe we can do a trade.

  6. I had to get myself under control so I am now ONLY allowed to keep turquoise and white. I tried to limit myself to only Butterprint but let's be serious...there are way too many other beautiful turquoise pieces out there.

    I don't know if you do any Etsy selling but it's nice because you can still enjoy the thrill of the hunt without the accumulation. (And then my Etsy profits can go towards turquoise Pyrex!)