Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Grandma's Pyrex

I started collecting Pyrex right as my grandmother was in the process of moving from her home. It never occurred to me that my grandmother had Pyrex. I don't remember seeing any in all the times we were at her house. However, it turns out she had quite a few pieces, that are now safely in my care.

These are the oldest kind of the primary colors bowls, the kind not marked with numbers. Somewhere along the way, the green and red bowl walked off. I'm amazed at how excellent they are in condition. Grandma never had much, but she took great care of what she did.

A Spring Blossom 043 casserole. I think the 043s are my favorite size of casseroles, and I really love this one. It came with a wooden trivet that it fits in perfectly. Great for oven to table.

My mom recently called me up and told me she'd found a set of Pyrex dishes in Grandma's basement, and might I want them. She knows I collect Pyrex, but I think she thought I only wanted the bakeware. She said, "they're turquoise; is that ok?" Yes, mom, that's more than ok! I now have the set of dishes and they are beautiful. I love that the serving platter comes with its own basket. I've never been a fine china type of person, but I totally see these as my fancy, holidays only, dishes. My grandma would get a kick out of that, her everyday dishes from decades ago being treated like china.

To think, without my new Pyrex obsession, these precious family pieces might have been sold off at a garage sale. I'm so very glad to have them, and I'll cherish them forever.


  1. Oh my goodness the DISHES!!! Those are gorgeous! And the gold leaf is still intact...ah, le sigh. Lucky duck! :D

  2. Gorgeous dishes- love the turquoise! What a great keepsake from your Grandma!

  3. wow I love those dishes! They're so pretty!

  4. Yes, I too love those dishes!! All those are beautiful keepsakes from your grandma, and you are so lucky to have them!!

  5. Oh, you are so lucky!!! Those turquoise dishes are beautiful! My grandma and my granny will not give me their Pyrex...they still use it!

    --Erin {}

  6. Those dishes are so beautiful! What a great keepsake from your Grandma, glad you were there with open ams :P