Friday, July 22, 2011

My pyrex find this morning

Greetings fellow Pyrex hoarders collectors,

This is my first time to post but I couldn’t resist sharing my find. In the Dallas area, it seems like thrift stories rarely if ever carry any vintage Pyrex (lots of the clear stuff – but no fun colors or patterns). That means most if not all of my finds have come from estate sales. I usually hit at least one or two each weekend. I work 8:30-5:00 and this weekend I have class from Friday to Sunday. So I found one sale that was fairly close and started 7:00 AM this morning. And I saw from the pictures they had a promotional white casserole WITH CRADLE. Score!

Now the downside to estate sales is that I have often had to leave pieces behind because they are WAY overpriced. I once went to a sale where they were asking $12 for a small fridgie in terrible shape (half the color worn off, no shine, chipped lid).

But fortunately, this was not one of those sales.

Yep… $4 for both.

And in decent condition too. It’s so shiny. I’m not sure what the dark markings are. Any advice for cleaning? I was thinking I’d try a magic eraser (really carefully). Any other, safer ideas?

And does anyone know if this is called Bluebirds of Happiness or just Bluebirds?


  1. Nice find! Pyrex Love calls this Bluebirds. It was a promotional piece released in 1959 according to them. I have this piece too (without the cradle) and love it!

    I would only use the Magic Eraser as a last resort! I only use it on the white parts of Pyrex since it can remove paint. I recommend you try in order dish soap and a plastic scrubber. A Q-tip works well on patterned areas too. Then try Soft Scrub with a sponge. If that doesn't work Barkeepers Friend works well and if you are gentle should not harm the paint.
    Good luck!

  2. Cute find and GREAT price! I agree with Kathy about the cleaning.

  3. Thanks for the advice! I'll have to pick up some soft scrub and some Barkeeper's Friend and test it out.

  4. Oh it's beautiful! I ADORE this print. I saw it *once* upon a time selling for $15 and I just couldn't bring myself to spend that much. So you got a steal! Good for you ;-)

    I've had a lot of luck with BKF and those dark marks. Just a little sprinkled on, a wet sponge, and a couple swipes seems to do it for me without harming the finish noticeably.

  5. Try baking soda mixed with water to make a paste. Let the paste sit on the marks for about 20 min and then rinse off and rub gently with a soft rag. If it doesn't come off completely, try again. This method was found in a vintage Pyrex Care manual and worked perfectly on a weird brown stain I found on my dish. It's a lot gentler than Bar Keeper's Friend.

  6. ooh, good thinking. I love using baking soda for cleaning. I'll test it out and repost.