Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pyrex Scores

So I was able to pick up some Pyrex at a swap meet and antique shop in San Diego yesterday. I'm still new to Pyrex and don't know what everything is called yet, so please forgive me in advance. This was only my second time buying Pyrex in person (I've made a few ebay purchases I need to share), so it was very exciting. Of course, the two pieces I bought at the antique shop cost more than the swap meet pieces, but I love them all.

Two snowflake pieces. To the left is 043 and to the right is 045. This seems a bit weird to me since I thought the pieces alternate in color? So what color would 044 be?

I'm not sure what the one to the left is called... I've seen it listed under Delphite Blue, so I'm going to go with that. Number is 475-B. (Why do some pieces have a B?) The cute little one on the right is a 401. I haven't been able to figure out which collection it is from, though. I love the size of it, though, and hope to get more 401 bowls.

Hope you all have a great holiday weekend! Thanks in advance to anyone that can answer my questions.


  1. I love the 401 bowls. We use them for cereal and soup at our house :)

  2. What Swap Meet did you go to? I'm in San Diego and new to 'shopping' out here.

  3. It's called Kobey's Swap Meet.

  4. I'll take a stab at answering your questions. The snowflake oval casseroles came in 3 color choices: white on turquoise, turquoise on white & white on charcoal (a matte black finish). There's only those two sizes in the oval casseroles (the 043 & 045). No idea what an 044 is, but it isn't an oval casserole # as far as I know. Your delphite piece I believe is called "Gourmet" and I think it has 2(?)other possible color combos. The B after the number stands for 'base'. You'll see a C after a number on some lids, which stands for 'cover'. And finally, I think the 401 bowl is from "Town & Country". This pattern can be confusing because there are two distinct versions of nearly every piece. Whew, hope all that is right! Somebody please correct me if I've made mistakes :-)

  5. Thank you SO much, Roxanne! This was very helpful. :)