Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Good luck at Goodwill!!

Last week I found the "Square Flowers" 500 fridgie for $3.99, this week it was Butterprint!! Then, later, at the antiques mall where I sell, I found the Verde 444 Cinderella!! I grew up with this exact bowl as the "mashed potatoes" bowl, my sister has that one, and she's not letting go, but now I have a replacement!! I paid $12.95, which is a tad more than I like to spend, but it's in extremely good condition. I also found the "Square Flowers" divided dish, for $8.00, and I do collect that pattern. Nothing came with lids though, so if you have extras and want to trade, hit me up! I'll be posting trade-eligible stuff soon, but post what you're looking for and if I don't have it I can keep an eye out! We're driving up to San Francisco in a few weeks, and I hear that thrifting in the Central Valley is superb!


  1. i'm in the bay area and most certainly have an extra lid for the fridgie...

  2. What part of the bay area are you in?

  3. oakland!!! email me at