Friday, July 15, 2011

Liquid gold!

Just had to share this with all my fellow Pyrex lovers. I decided to donate about 10 Pyrex pieces that I wasn't in love with any more. They were all in great shape so I thought SA could easily resell them. As I dropped them off this morning, the clerk took the box from me, looked inside, and said: "Pyrex! Liquid gold!" She said they sell it as quickly as it comes in.
Not sure what the moral here is...other than I feel good about having donated them to an agency that will get some good out of them..and it looks like every thrift out there is on to us Pyrex hunters ;)


  1. I'm not surprised, I bought 2 butterprint bowls, the big one, which was $12.99, and the small one, which was $6.99! All we need is Martha Stewart to start collecting and we're toast!

  2. That's funny. It will actually be interesting to see if your donations become exciting thrift finds by members of the pyrex collective :-)