Friday, July 1, 2011

As any Pyrexia sufferer knows, storage for your precious beauties presents a challenge. There is much talk of "The Art of Stacking" and whether to keep the lids separate or with their intended.

I have been keeping my ever growing stash in an already space challenged kitchen cabinet. This presents several obvious problems, starting with the fact that you can't actually gaze upon the addictive patterns and colors. Secondly, there is a slight safety issue with dragging out the whole load to get to the inevitable 4 qt Cinderella on the bottom. I am also concerned about the unnecessary wear and tear to the pieces.

So, like many others I have opted to display my Pyrex (and Fire-King) in a period appropriate cabinet I discovered on Craigslist (haggled $75). It is in perfect vintage condition and includes the simple sliding glass doors (not pictured). My storage and access problems are resolved!

How do you deal with storage?


  1. Your collection - and cabinet - are beautiful! I do store mine with the lids on (usually upside down) and stacked. For the most part, my display only pieces are stacked above all my kitchen cabinets while and my snowflake pyrex is displayed on the china cabinet. My daily use pattern (spring blossom) is just stored in a the kitchen cabinets so I can have easy access to it.

  2. I love your vintage cabinet and collection!! Yes, storing a Pyrex collection does present a problem....I'm dealing with that now, and trying to figure out better ways to display it.

  3. I was just posing a question about stacking myself. It makes me nervous to stack pieces like bowls or casseroles with no lid, especially when the pieces touch each other inside. This mostly happens when stacking like items, perhaps in different patterns. I know this stuff is durable, but I'm always afraid it'll scratch or chip, so I put paper towels in between, but then that's just ugly. Am I being irrational?