Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Thrift Finds

It has been a busy summer with some wonderful finds! After a slow start this spring at the thrifts, things have picked up nicely around here.

First we have several additions to our pie plate collection.

Left to right we have turquoise, desert dawn pink, white deep dish with tab handles, lime green and flamingo pink. The white, desert dawn and lime green are all new finds this summer.

A few more pieces in desert dawn pink:

A 221 round cake pan, a 213 loaf pan and a 232 2 qt oblong pan.

And more turquoise:

Cake and loaf pans, and a 231 1 ½ qt oblong pan. We found both loaf pans last winter but the others are new this summer. The butterprint refrigerator dish is our third; It was only $1 so we couldn't leave it behind!

Finally we came across a few carafes as well:

I love these. I am trying to get away from using so much plastic so these will see a lot of use.

We have had a lot of company so far this summer and I used a lot of Pyrex but forgot to take pictures. It is nice to see all your pictures of Pyrex in action! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! More later...


  1. Love the pie plates (and the cake pan). I grab them whenever I see them.

  2. You have some great pieces. Glad to hear you use them regularly!

  3. Love ALL your great and colorful finds!! But, I especially love the turquoise! I found 3 Flamingo Pink pieces yesterday at the thrift store, and a lime green baker a few weeks ago. I use mine all the time too!

  4. These are so pretty. It's so hard to find turquoise these days at the thrift stores!!

  5. you found all the things I'm trying to find!!! Great collection =)

  6. Man I wish I had all that, so colorful! I love it.

  7. You have such a beautiful collection! The pink and turquoise Pyrex are my favorites and what I collect as well.