Sunday, July 24, 2011

Turquoise Eyes

These just sold on eBay. I had been watching them for days...I wanted them so badly. Apparently this pattern is a bit of a mystery. It has only ever been seen on 401s and 403s and they are usually completely unmarked. Nobody has ever seen a box for them, so nobody knows the official name of the pattern. Pyrex Love just calls it "Eye". They just look so gloriously retro! I WANTED them. 

So last night, with ten minutes left to go, I started bidding...then a little higher...and then a little higher and then a little higher. Then I was rationalizing it to myself that they would be an early birthday present to myself (it's in August). Then I had to stop, it was just too much.  (And my friends were waiting on me to go out to the bar and didn't understand why I was so excited to bid on a couple of old bowls.) I'm glad I cut myself off; they ended up going for $78.77 plus shipping! I'm not going to lie...if I had the extra money I probably would have kept bidding. I'm so sad they're not coming to live with me!

What would you have payed for them?


  1. LOL - You and I were both in the bidding war on those! I didn't get them either - I decided that I could purchase several promotional pieces (my favorite thing to collect) for the price that I would have paid for those two!

  2. Those are lovely! I love any of the turquoise Pyrex! But I've gotten so accustomed to paying thrift store prices (I think the most I've ever spent was $16 on two fridgies) that I probably wouldn't have gone above $30 for both. Though I'm not at ALL surprised they ended up that high!

    You never know when you might spot these at a yard sale or thrift shop though! That has a funny way of happening to me, so you might just end up with them eventually.

  3. I couldn't justify paying that much either for those two bowls - hopefully you'll just stumble upon them at a thrift store at some point!

  4. Wow! That is a lot. They are beauties!

    Enjoy your Sunday afternoon!

    LaVonne @ Long Wait For Isabella

  5. That is a bit much to pay - hopefully you'll find them one day - they're really cute!!

  6. May 14, 2012 I have a Eyes bowl listed on ebay. I did not know it was called Eyes, I have it listed as pyrex turquoise aqua starburst bowl. go on ebay and type in seller: nordic_french_style