Friday, July 22, 2011

vacation find

today I found this little beauty while antiquing in Long Beach, CA
I loved the starburst & it reminded me of my dishes back at home
after we had our fun visiting all of the awesome vintage shops -
 I was determined to find more information on this little casserole dish.
However, I haven't had success yet!
Does anyone know anything about this one?  
I found a little info on Pyrex Love
but nothing on Ebay or Etsy!


  1. I love that pattern! I'm no help with info though, sorry!

  2. Pyrex Love is the spot I would check, so I have no other suggestions. It's a great piece that's hard to find so congrats!

  3. Love this one. Hope I find one like that one day!

  4. It might be called Starburst. Check out this flickr post:

  5. And check out this one:
    It seems it also came in black.

  6. Try:

    That's my favorite resource.

  7. thanks everyone - I'll keep digging!

  8. I have that one too- i think it was a promo, and originally came with a stand and candle warmer?

  9. I just ran across this original ad on Ebay with it! 1960

    They called it the "Cinderella Serving Casserole Classic Gold Star on Turquoise" and it came with a twin candle warmer set up.

  10. I've heard many people refer to it as "Starburst." And it's VERY sought after! Good find! I know I paid $40 for mine (on Ebay). Another great reference is Pyrex Files (Google it). :)