Friday, July 29, 2011

Butterfly Gold Glassware

Two days before my best friend's birthday I walk into the Goodwill for an unrelated reason. I walk out with these:

Butterfly Gold Glasses! The exact pattern my friend collects, and he and his partner always need glassware. The best part is the "set" was marked at $6 and it was half off that color tag.  12 glasses or $3! The bottoms have an Arcaroc France stamp, which is interesting as the seem to produce mostly restaurant ware. Though my family did own their Octime pattern when I was in high school.

On a whim I searched Butterfly Gold on the Replacement Ltd. site. Oh HELLO! There are pictures and descriptions of all the possible Butterfly Gold items. Including these glasses, and flatware. Flatware?! Who knew? Granted they probably only have information on the Corelle compatible patterns, but still. What a great new resource! 

I have a larger post on my blog Vintage Spinster about all the thrifty gifts I gave my friend for his birthday. (Or I will once I give him his gifts this afternoon. I couldn't resist posting this on PCII first!)


  1. Cool find! I've never seen or even heard about those before!

  2. NEAT NEAT NEAT!!!! great great great!!!

    the Joyful Thrifter

  3. I'm dying to get my hands on some of the glassware - good find!

    Yes, flatware! Who knew, right? I was just in the GW a couple days ago and spotted a couple spreading knives with the Snowflake Blue pattern on them! I collect that pattern and wanted them, but finally passed because they were in so-so shape and taped into a knife holder which was ugly and didn't match and overpriced...