Sunday, July 17, 2011

moving away from mixing bowls

and onto some cute little fridgies!
as you can see here, I have my share of bowls for now.
I found this beginning of a set in an antique store this weekend
 for a really good price!
I have found a new love for Butterprint
I also found a Pyrex Hamilton Beach Mixing Bowl
the husband & I had been looking for something like this 
because of my husband's obsession with making pancakes!
Problem solved.
hope your weekend brought some treasure's too!


  1. I have these same pieces! Love them. We always do our eggs in the Hamilton Beach Pyrex bowl. Guess it just suits breakfast time, huh?

  2. Can never have enough fridgies - hope you find lots more...

  3. the pyrex is great and so is your vintage kitchen!! i love the counter tops and the black trim around the sink :)

  4. Thanks!

    Leslie - my goal is to make sure when I one day buy a house, that it has as much character as our little one bedroom apartment!

  5. Love your fridgies, and the mixing bowl! I have two white Pyrex mixing bowls but mine don't have the spout....wish they did.

  6. I got my first Butterprint fridgie this weekend! Love it. :)