Monday, August 29, 2011

Treasure Hunting.

Hi All,

This is Sherry from Hello Vintage. I think this is my second or third post (sorry I can't remember). My Husband, 4yo and 14 month old went away to the coast for four nights just over a week ago. Unfortunately we had yuck weather and because it was so wet there was not a lot of chances to go to the beach (but luckily there were a few oppies).

 Was so excited when I saw these two (441 and 442) for $2 each at an oppie in Moonta, South Australia. As I already have a set in this pattern I thought maybe they wouldn't been keepers. However when I got home I realised that my other ones are plain bowls not Cinderella bowls so I can keep them!! Yay!

 This yellow pie dish is Agee Pyrex, Made in Australia and the colour reminds me of lemon butter. Yum! $2

This is a #442 and was the first bowl I bought (for $1) when I decided to collect Pyrex mixing bowls only a few months back. Not a huge fan of the pattern but it has grown on me and of course now I want a set of them. It was a local find. I can't believe I would have likely seen lots in my time as a treasure hunter but would have over looked them.

Another Aussie made bowl. I have no idea what the set looks like that goes with this one so will have to do some research. My Mum actually bought this one for me which is kind of funny because she doesn't like op shops as she has asthma and the dust bothers her. So thanks Mum! $5 She also has bought me a lime green dish of some kind but she can't find it. Hmm, will have to remind her about it because I am dying to see what it is. I think it may be a casserole without a lid.

Ok I spent too much on this one and not sure why (#443). I think I just got caught up in the moment. It was $12 - cringe. Another junk shop in Moonta.

Here is some on my trip away that I passed up.

This tiny dish for $5. Cute but I don't really need it or love it. Now can someone tell me how you know what a fridgie is? I get a bit confused because they all just look like casserole dishes to me.

Another $5 I think. Cute but I am really going for mixing bowls or bright colours. Another junk shop I went to had a set of  3 smaller Daisy Cinderella bowls for $30 and then the biggest bowl on it's own for $25. Also $18 for some solid colour large bowls which I wouldn't pay. I am pretty happy with my buys.

I used my turquoise mixing bowls for the first time yesterday (ones in an older post I did). I thought it might gross me out using them for the first time before I have broken them in (put my germs all over them) but it was fine and it didn't stop me eating directly from the bowl. Lol


  1. The yellow pie plate is stunning! I've never seen anything like it! I'm a big fan of the snowflakes. I would have HAD to buy it.

  2. I love the pieces you found made in Australia! Wow such lovely colors. I too would have loved that snowflake dish. The 'fridgies' are a set of 4 pieces that stack. SEE the header on this blog and the top row right...that is a set of fridgies in the Spring Blossom pattern. Hope that helps!

  3. Beautiful finds. I would love to find that snowflake piece!

  4. What is an oppie? Off to google and then visit your blog. Fun stuff!

  5. Charlene its what we call op shops (opportunity shops) in Australia. Same as a thrift shop (Goodwill, Vinnies, Red Cross etc).

  6. Ooh, love the yellow pie plate. Never seen anything like that before!