Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Best Kind of Friends

While I get teased for my Pyrexia and even some strange looks, I have some of the best friends I could ask for. A wonderful friend of mine gave me, yes GAVE me a set of Primary Fridgies.

I was over the moon! I don't have this set and have stared at many sets at antique malls mocking me with their high priced tags.

Primary Fridge Set

I am so grateful for my friends who GIVE me their Pyrex and my PCII buddies who help me celebrate such occasions! If you are in the Houston area, please contact me a lisa(dot)palacios@hotmail(dot)com. A fellow PCII and I are trying to organize a Houston swap.

PS Added more items to trade: Flickr & Facebook


  1. Jealous! I picked up a small red fridgie yesterday.. no lid. It's a start! Enjoy your new pyrex! :)

  2. What wonderful friends you have! Mine keep their pyrex for themselves :(

  3. This is definitely cause for celebration!
    Beautiful set!

  4. That was really nice of your friend!! My friends don't "get" my Pyrex collecting!