Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Anyone from Houston...anyone? Anyone?

I'm hoping to find fellow pyrex collectors to trade with in the Houston area. I have done one successful trade through the mail but I was a nervous wreck about the possibility of our precious cargo breaking.

Just curious if I had anyone close in the area.

Happy thrifting!


  1. I will be visiting my Mom in Houston in Nov. I'm driving so bringing Pyrex would not be a problem. Maybe a trade if your still interested then. Contact me and we can discuss. hugs, Linda

  2. I live in Dallas and sometimes drive down to Houston to visit friends. Let me know if you're interested in trading something and I could also send it down with friends.

  3. Thanks! Linda & Carrie, I will get a list together of my trades. I am still trying to get organized on flickr.
    Linda - I will ALWAYS be interested in trading. : )
    Carrie - Sounds good. We go to Dallas maybe 1-4 times a year depending on what's going on. So we can trade in Houston or in Dallas. : )

    Can I say how much I LOVE this site! Thanks Erin!

  4. I am in Houston, near the med center! I don't have a ton of loot but a few things anyway. I'd be happy to meet up sometime!

  5. @Willow - I work in the med center! I live in Pasadena but come to the med center 3 days a week. My email address is lisa.palacios@hotmail.com. Send me an email and we can keep in touch. Thanks!

  6. Hi! I live right outside of Sugarland!!!
    Would love to trade too...and I know of some secret shopping spots, hehe!!!

  7. Purly, what is your email address?