Monday, August 15, 2011

Recent Finds

I haven't really had time to do much Pyrex hunting lately but in the last week I've found several nice items.

These are the first English Pyrex I have found. I don't necessarily love the pattern but for $2.99 & $3.99 I couldn't resist the chance to own some English Pyrex.

I really love the vibrant  blue in this dish. When I bought it there was no lid but I am always stockpiling them so I'm sure I have one that will fit. It was $3.03 at the Goodwill.

A complete set of the Town & Country Cinderella bowls-- I don't love this pattern but I have been looking for some of these cinderella bowls for everyday use so I can preserve my Butterprint ones better. For $9.89 they were a good buy at the Goodwill.
To see more of my great vintage finds check out my blog.


  1. You go girl! Those are fabulous!

  2. could you post a pic with the t + c bowls stacked instead of nested? i'd like to see them all... :) thanks!

  3. Great finds! I too like to baby my Butterprint :) Now that my cinderella bowl and fridgie sets are complete, they are on display in the living room. I have plenty of others for everyday use. And I really do use them everyday.

  4. The first ones would work great for Autumn. I NEVER see Pyrex at the thrift stores but if I ever do, I'll grab whatever I see no matter the pattern! ♥

  5. You found some great stuff! I especially like the Blue Horizon dish! The English Pyrex is very nice too, and I agree they would work great for Autumn or Autumn decorating!