Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Love Affair with Pyrex

Hello Pyrex Lovers!

I am brand spanking new to this blog and recently began a love affair with Pyrex 2-3 weeks ago. My name is Kris, mother of 4 + 2 step children and just hit the big 4-0! Yikes! We just moved from South Carolina back to Washington State in July and living at my parents until we find a home.  Needless to say, we have been exploring the area to "get out of the house".  Few weeks ago we stumbled onto a Junk Festival (ie vintage fest) and viola!  My affair started that day!  I have dragged my husband and children to every thrift store in the area and the last 2 weekends have scoped out the estate/yard sales in the newspaper! Ha ha! 

Yesterday I took a break.  I did not set foot in a thrift store or antique shop!  For my family they would say that was shocking!  (they all think I need an intervention and becoming the crazy cat lady pyrex version ... sans the hubby.. he thinks this is great!) Today however, I was back in full swing.

First stop was Salvation Army.  It was sad... only one pyrex peice in the entire store (minus the chipped up clear pyrex).  This peice is not my favorite, however it was only $2.99 and the dish can go with the Butterfly Gold collection.

The next stop was the Goodwill (one of 3 in the local area).  There was still pyrex pieces that had been there since last week that were either priced way too high or are so badly scratched up that they just aren't worth the price tag itself!  But, low and behold, tucked behind a big bowl I found a mint condition Butterfly Gold Medium Fridgie!  $2.99... no lid :(

Third stop was the Humane Society thrift store and there wasn't ANY Pyrex whatsoever.  Feeling a bit bummed, we decided to head down to a vintage/antique shop going out of business in the slight chance we'd find a good deal on something I really wanted.  And.... nothing.  I could not for the life of me figure out why the vendors in this store were charging $35 ... yest $35 for a 4qt Cinderella bowl that could be found at the Goodwill for under $9 bucks.  We promptly left and headed to one more Antique/estate store. They were the winner of the day!!!  The Butterprint White on Turquoise print.... all for just $25.  This is the first I've seen of it anywhere in this town over the last 3 weeks.

After this stop, I decided I better go home since I had spent my alotted money for the day.  Big sigh....

And then we ended up at a different Goodwill a few hours later... of course!  No pyrex under $10... (they must be crazy!)  However, I did find the missing lid to go with the above set for $.99 cents and another lid... marked from England for $.99 cents.  Not sure what patterns this may go to. 

We are taking my son off to college this weekend.  It is a 7 hour drive... and I'm already searching google for thrift stores along the way... LOL!


  1. You've got the Pyrex bug!!!! But, it sure is fun, isn't it?? Good luck on your 7 hour journey - hope you find lots of new goodies!! What a great find - the Butterprnt - lucky!!

  2. I have days like that. I think just one more store. I worry if I skip the store that day, I will miss out on something awesome. My friends tease me that I am addicted but my family enables my obsession!

    Butterfly Gold is one of my favorites too. It was my parents' wedding set and brings back so many good memories as a kid.

    Good finds!

  3. You are off to a great start!

  4. Welcome to the 'addiction'! It is crazy but hey we could collect worse things. I also look for thrift shops on my travels! It is always fun. Love the Butterprint and I think you got a great deal on that group! Good Luck on your trip!

  5. Thanks! I have been bit by the bug! Yesterday's finds were fun to find and are now added to my growing collection! I do believe I have enough to fill a small hutch!

    I wasn't crazy about the butterfly gold print at first but it has grown on me!

    The butterprint is my favorite along with any of the pnk! The aqua and pinks are my favorite!

    They all bring back childhood memories and I had the joy of using my mothers butterprint to cook dinner with last night! :)