Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cleary Pyrex

I am not normally a fan of what I like to call the Cleary Pyex dishes, but this one was so lovely and seems to be very old...

Can anyone tell me if this beauty is rare or old? Based on the Pyrex book it seems very old, but I love hearing from you all.



  1. I don't know anything about these. I'm a brand new Pyrex collector and only own one little piece but I have tons of memories- which is why I love it!!

    I'm your newest follower. ♥

  2. Very old! 1915-1948, according to

    Clear items don't have the WOW factor that the colors do, but I'm drawn to them for their vintage. I have a couple of pieces, but nothing as pretty as yours :)

  3. Nice!! I have a several of the old clear Pyrex dishes. In fact, just recently I bought a really old loaf dish (no tab handles), and a hexagon shaped pie plate. I'm like Sandra, I'm drawn to them for the vintagy factor.