Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Friendship Collection

Here is my slowly growing collection of Friendship. My newest acquisition is the lasagna pan; I was thrilled to find this! It is in very nice condition too. Also pictured is the orange 043 with opal lid, and two 2 ½ qt bowls, a 443 and my first find the 403.

When I find a lone bowl from a set I always wonder “what happened to all the other bowls in the set?”

Actually I am collecting Friendship Pyrex for my daughter-in-law who loves this pattern and birds in general. But since she doesn’t yet have room, I will enjoy them for now! Such a pretty pattern…

Happy summer everyone!


  1. Gorgeous pattern! I have yet to find a piece but when I do it is coming home with me :)

  2. I have one piece, a fridgie - but I'd like more... Friendship is such a fun pattern...

  3. Ohhh, my favorite pattern- I have one tiny piece and love it :) Such beautiful pieces :)!!

  4. Friendship is hands-down my favourite pattern. That lasagna pan is a major score, your daughter in law is lucky that you find these for her (and that you're willing to part with them one day ;)!