Sunday, August 14, 2011

golden pine luck

So a couple of days ago I found this golden pine casserole dish
 for $2 at a thrift store
now typically I'm not huge on winter patterns, but I couldn't pass this piece up
I already imagined myself using it this December at a holiday party
Now for $2, it did not come with a lid, but I was ok with that.
Until, I was looking up the pattern at home
 and saw that the lid also had the golden pattern
on the lid!  What?  Too awesome.  
However, I was not going to spend a ton on shipping to buy one on etsy!
 So, it was just going to have to remain lidless.  
Until today!
While antiquing I spied this lid, just lying there, needing a casserole bottom!
Sold - and pretty excited about it.
No shipping = happy me!
  Really, I think it is quite lovely.  
Happy Sunday indeed!


  1. Cannot believe you found an orphan lid to match that! Perfect!

  2. What luck - that's a really nice pattern!!

  3. Don't you love it when the stars align like that? That's awesome!

  4. Happy, lucky you! I would so use that at thansgiving! ♥

  5. I found the same dish and lid earlier this spring and had the same thought- holiday dinner parties here we come, lol!

  6. That was a really great find! What are the odds of finding the matching lid 2 days after!

  7. thanks ladies - I was pretty excited. it was at my FAVORITE antique mall, and they never let me down!

  8. WOW...gor-jus!!! What a find...lucky you! I can see this one getting it's share of use!

  9. Lucky you! I have the lid, but not the bottom. Sure wish I could be lucky enough to find it!