Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First charcoal snowflake!

There it was, just waiting for me: a charcoal snowflake divided dish! It passed the "finger around the edge check for chips" test, and I gleefully plunked down the $3.00 required by Goodwill.

It wasn't until I was home and washing it in the kitchen sink, that I turned it over and saw:

OMG!! It doesn't say PYREX! A funny logo instead...
Of course I went right to the computer and found out that I had apparently purchased a piece of Crown Pyrex, i.e. made in England.
This piece is marked with just the crown, not the JAJ plus crown stamp, so if anyone knows about these marks, I would be interested to hear.

So now we have Pyrex of three nations: the Canadian-made lime cake dish was recently thrifted for $0.75; it was half-price week at that thrift store.

And finally, here is my January 2012 kitchen display of blues and whites (Snowflake Blue, Horizon Blue, and opal).

Happy 2012, and good hunting!


  1. Oh that blue and white display is so gorgeous!

  2. Wow, what a curious find! I think it's amazing that some foreign Pyrex has ended up in the states. I've found ONE but it's definitely not as pretty as your charcoal snowflake!

    I did find a charcoal snowflake casserole of my own, however, and recently. It's definitely a favorite!

  3. Great find!! I think it's pretty amazing too that somehow foreign Pyrex makes it's way to the states. Lovely dish!

  4. I learn something new about Pyrex every day!!!
    I love that you have a great place to display your dishes. It gave me an idea to do in my kitchen. Maybe I'll even take a picture and post here. Thank you!!

  5. Thanks to all of you!
    Just to clarify, I am in Canada; still, someone had to care enough about their Crown Pyrex to transport it across the Atlantic.

  6. The English snowflake pattern is part of the 'Gaiety' range which also included dishes (i.e. plates and bowls). I have a space saver in a deep coral pink.

    1. Thanks for the info Jenifir; now I won't be shocked if I see any more!

  7. I live in Canada as well, I see the JAJ Pyrex quite often....