Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Antique Store Finds

Last week, I headed up North to check out a few thrift stores in a small town not too far from where I live.  Unfortunately, 3 out of the 4 stores were out of business so I ventured into a couple of the local antique stores and had some really good luck
I didn't know that refrigerator dishes came in the Early American pattern so I was pretty surprised to find these.  Even more surprising was the $8.00 price tag.  FOR THE SET!
The little old lady who owned the next shop I went to said to me "People sure do seem to love this Pyrex.  I'm not too familiar with it".  Well that was obvious considering the $6 that she was asking for this Embroidery promotional space saver dish.
And this pink loaf pan is the second piece that I have trusted to purchase from eBay.  It was very reasonably priced even with shipping and I don't think it was ever used.  Now I only need the yellow one and I will have all four of the colors in the set.  Anybody have it and up for trading? 

Head over to our blog and check out what other Pyrex treasures I picked up in town yesterday.  Happy Wednesday!


  1. Very nice finds! I'd love to find a pink loaf dish!!

  2. The pink loaf dish is to die for!!!