Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Recent Acquisitions

The perfect gift...of course!

This little snack server came courtesy of some late-night e-baying. It was just too cute to pass up at a fairly reasonable price.

As I was inspecting it, I noticed that the seller had left on the Goodwill price tag.

I LOVE this black and blue casserole. I had been stalking one at an antique store in Seattle, but they wanted way too much. While driving home from Thanksgiving I made a stop at the Thorpe fruit stand/antique store. It was much more reasonably priced and included the cradle. I couldn't resist!

This casserole was another result of late-night e-baying. 
I really shouldn't get on the computer after 11 pm.

It came with a little advert. So fun looking at all the pics and descriptions.

Yes please! I will take everything pictured here!!

I've had this turquoise casserole for awhile, but recently found this candle warmer cradle at a thrift store in Spokane. I don't know what it originally came with, but I was delighted that it fit the basic round casseroles.

My little sister picked up a small and medium refrigerator dish in turquoise butterprint at a thrift store in Idaho. So nice of her. I love fridgies and turquoise!!
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  1. You got some really cute stuff! Nice finds :) I love the blue/black casserole!! Who am I kidding I love it all ;)

  2. Great finds! Your candle warmer cradle looks like the one that came with the Turquoise Scroll cinderella 443 serving bowl. Another collector blogged about it:


    1. @Lynn--Thanks for the info and link. Now I'm on the look out for the blue scroll bowl!

  3. Some great finds but I really like the little brochure - neat!!

  4. I am in love with the blue and black casserole, so lucky!

  5. Oh my some great finds. I have that one divided dish with the handle like yours. I love it! hugs, Linda

  6. Wonderful finds!! I love the brochure too!

  7. Nice scores! I know all too well about the eBay bug. Good idea to ban yourself late at night or during/after the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Just saying :)