Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mystery Fridgie

Hello there fellow Pyrex enthusiasts! My friend and I cannot seem to figure out what pattern this fridgie is from and we're hoping you all will have the answer. Here's her collection of little 501s. So adorable!

What collection does the dark red one belong to? The brighter red is definitely from the primary set.

We're hoping someone will have the magic answer.

You can hop over to my blog to see the rest of her collection!


  1. Oh goodness, that's a good question! It could be that one is an older primary red? The colors sort of changed and morphed a bit over the years...

    That is a stunning collection of 501's though--I'm a tad jealous! ;)

  2. I believe they're from the same set, too! I recently found a set of mint, very old primary fridgies--only one red 501 was missing. So for Christmas, my husband bought another red 501 from an antique store to complete my set. But when they sit right next to each other, they look exactly like these two, one is a deeper, richer red, and the other is brighter and has a different ridge--they're obviously from the same set & series, just seems that the color morphed over the years.

    And to my knowledge, the primary set is the only set that has red 501s, the only other basic red comes with the Friendship set, however, their 501s are orange.

    So that's my best guess!

  3. The link shows how Pyrex changed the red tones over the years:


    And what a lovely fridgie collection you have!

  4. Thanks everyone! We wondered if that could be the case but the color difference is just so drastic. It's definitely the only possible answer though. Thanks for the link Emily!