Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hit & Miss

The last couple weeks pyrex hunting has been hit and miss. I have come across some pieces that I wanted badly but that were too damaged to pay what was being asked! For instance a red hostess bowl with lid that had been dishwashed and its lid was chipped like crazy for $10 , a pink daisy casserole 1.5 qt with utensil marks all over it for $12.99! Get real!! But I did manage to find a few gems. I came across a town & country snack server without its lid for $1 while out with my best friend. I also found a gold scroll cinderella (part of the chip & dip set) in awesome shape and decided even tho I wasnt necessarily looking for this one it would go with my christmas pyrex! Today however, was a good day for me! I went out to the Valley and found: 2 butterprint 1.5 qt bowls in good shape for $3 ea!!, 2 pink bowls one was $5 and one was $3, the turquoise snowflake oval casserole was also $3 and lastly the smallest butterprint for 99 whole cents!!

1 comment:

  1. Great deals! Love the pink bowls and the golden scroll especially.