Friday, January 20, 2012

Lucky Day!

So my mother-in-law works in a huge real estate office and her co-workers and customers are always bringing in food to share.  The general rule is that dishes left behind for 6 months are fair game. Well some unfortunate soul left these gems behind and my ever so thoughtful mother-in-law brought them to me!
 Between you and I, it may or may not have been quite 6 months.


  1. Wow, lucky you! Someone "lost" & you "found" those great bowls.

  2. Very nice! What a nice mother in law, those are fantastic bowls.

  3. Lucky indeed! Who the heck would lose track of their Pyrex??

  4. Honestly, this would be a cool find, but I sort of feel bad for the person who's dishes were just given away :-/

    I love to pitch in with a casserole or baked dish when I can, and I love to present my BEST dishes to my friends--but also as a mom I know how hard it can be to remember to pick dishes back up, lots of people already have their hands full (and honestly, usually it's the responsibility of the receiver to return the dish! Tsk, tsk.)

    Sorry, but I have to say, I sort of think "shame on you" for taking someone else's Pyrex. And shame on the real estate agency for not returning the dish promptly. This makes me sad :( This is stolen Pyrex as far as I'm concerned.

  5. In my opinion, that person had six months to collect their belongings, which is plenty of time. If these did mean something to the person who brought them in, then I think they would have snatched them up and brought them home as soon as the food was emptied from the dish.

    What is left behind for that long is free game at my work, too.

    You have a sweet mother-in-law for thinking of you!

  6. No, sorry but this bad form. Any etiquette expert would be horrified. It's the recipient's job, since they were gifted the food, to return the dish washed and clean. Even more so, knowing that this dish is a collectible and worth something! Many experts even say you should never return a dish empty. It's the real estate office's job to return it, NOT the gracious giver's job to "collect their belongings".

    As one etiquette professional puts it:
    "It is also bad form to not return the container in a timely manner, especially if the guest brought over a nice serving platter. Never return the container without a thank you."

    And as someone who always sends my nice dishes, because I believe in treating people graciously, I'm horrified at the thought that someone could just steal the dishware instead of RETURNING it washed and with a polite thank you!

    It's just downright rude, sorry. Shame on you for taking what's not yours!

  7. Furthermore, Lesley, this poster admits that this client did NOT have her six months to pick up her own dish! (not that she should have had to...)

    1. Wow, when I posted this I didn't think that I would anger anyone. This was meant to be a fun post and for the sake of boring everyone, the entire story wasnt' told. The dishes were left there from a potluck clear back in May and my mother-in-law was very aware of who they belonged to, a former co-worker. The person no longer lives in the state and was contacted several times in regards to these particular dishes as well as many other items she left behind. She never responded. I am really sorry if anybody was offended by my post. But I don't feel like I need to be chastised for my bad "etiquette" before anyone knows the entire story.

    2. I think it is/was a fun post :) I'm sorry someone was so angered by a little bit of fun. Sad.

  8. Dear "Anonymous",

    Get over yourself!

    Please & Thank you,