Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Very Blue January

I thought I would take a minute to share with all of you the crazy amount of blue Pyrex I have come across since the beginning of the year.  Blue and pink Pyrex are my absolute favorite colors so you will hear no complaints from me.
I got the small Butterprint Cinderella bowl from an antique store and the smaller casserole dish from a junk store near my house.  The large turquoise Butterprint Cinderella bowl was from a trade with my sister.  I gave her three large round casserole dishes in Green Verde and Butterfly Gold.  That may not seem like a fair trade to you but I would have given her more than that for the Butterprint!

I found the Primary Blue #401 at another Goodwill this morning.  It was on my "Need" list (okay, what Pyrex isn't on my Need list?) and it completed another set for me.  Two completed sets in one week!  They Pyrex Gods are smiling.
I found the top blue bowl from the Americana set at Value Village.  It is the ONLY piece of Pyrex I have ever found at Value Village.  I hear about so many other Pyrex collecters on this site who find their pieces at VV.  Not sure why ours is so bad.  The bottom bowl I picked up at an antique/thrift store near my house.  I am not sure if there are three or four bowls in this set but hopefully it won't be too difficult to complete it.
I may or may not have taken out a few innocent bystanders in my path when I spotted all of these beauties at Goodwill.  You may not be able to tell, but they are in MINT condition.  They were all regular price (damn those colored tags. Sometimes they work for you and sometimes they work against you) but who cares.  It's turquoise Pyrex!

I got this Blue Horizon lidded casserole dish from the biggest antique store I have ever been to.  My sister and I were somewhere in Washington when we came across it.  It covered an entire block and the owner told us he hadn't even opened the second floor yet!  I can't wait to go back.
When I picked this up at St. Vincents, I didn't realize it was Pyrex at first.  Up until then I was unfamiliar with the Blue Wheat pattern.  I am thinking St. Vinny's didn't realize it was Pyrex either because they had it on a 75% off shelf.  I paid, are you ready for this, $1.50.  It is PERFECT and now I am on the hunt for a lid.  Better add that to my Need list.  Happy Thursday!  Erica


  1. Wow! You have done very well for yourself. And January isn't even over yet!

  2. Great finds - I have pretty good luck at Value Village - you'll find something when you least expect it!! Good luck!!

  3. Wonderful finds. Love, love, love the Blue Wheat

  4. Fantastic finds at great prices! You've had more finds in the half of January than I had the entire last half of 2011 :)

  5. Awesome finds!! Love ALL the blue pieces!!

  6. NICE FINDS! There's been a real Pyrex drought here in CO lately, so I'm impressed you've discovered all this recently!

    I'm especially envious of your blue Americana mixing bowls, the Blue Horizon casserole, and your turquoise loaf dish! :)

  7. Wow! You've had a fantastic January so far! I've found three pieces at thrifts's a drought. I would have definitely accidentally taken out some innocent bystanders on my way to the shelves, too. I dream of finding turquoise pieces like that at thrifts. Awesome finds!