Saturday, January 14, 2012

Isn't she lovely....

There is nothing prettier than the Pyrex Gooseberry mixing bowl set. And I do love this set of bowls.
 Maybe even one day I will actually let someone else touch them. :) They are so bright and shiny. And brighten up the cabinet that they live in.
 This is a picture of my new pastel yellow casserole sitting with the large pink casserole. Since I have recently purchase that Pyrex book from Amazon. Maybe it will give me a clue about how many sizes the casserole bowl comes in. I am hoping the book is in the mail today. 

(was originally posted at: Farm Girl Pink )


  1. Love your Gooseberry bowls!! I just received the small bowl today and hope to have a complete set too one day.

  2. I found a beautiful gooseberry set several months ago and haven't shut the cabinet that they are in since lol!