Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Rainbow of Pyrex

This weekend we had my daughter's 3rd Birthday party. We went with a low-key rainbow theme.
It was loveley, and it gave me a chance to use many pieces of my pyrex collection.

I used six cinderella bowls in varying sizes for three dips and three chips and cracker types and displayed them in a rainbow arch.

I also used a few pie pans and casserole bowls to keep rainbow candy.

In the picture above you can see different sizes of Autumn Harvest, Pink Gooseberry, Harvest Gold, Spring Blossom Green, and Horizon Blue. Oh and the Pink Desert Dawn pie pan. There were others on the table, but they aren't in the picture.

I need to have more parties so I can use my Pyrex. Check out my Blog if you are interested in other ideas for the rainbow party. I got a lot of inspiration from pinterest.


  1. Cool! Such a cute idea for a party theme, so much to do with it!

  2. So creative! Love your idea and the bowls look so good together, don't they?