Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bits & Pieces

 I just thought I'd shared some recent acquisitions, my collection continues to grow {out of control}. Above is the Friendship purchase I made off Etsy. I got both for $22, which is not a deal by my standards, but I decided I wanted them for my daughter's 1st birthday party next month so I was willing to pay a little extra...

Also, yesterday I picked up the Butterprint 442 at an antique store, now all I need is the 441. If anyone has one for trade, let me know!
 A friend recently traded me this Garden Medley casserole, I decided it'd make a great dish for my paper whites.
Yesterday, I found this Golden Scroll casserole at Goodwill for $4.99. It needs a good cleaning, but I saw this dish at an antique store recently going for $20. So I happily paid $5 for it. I adore the color!
 This is, by far, my most favorite find recently! Pink Rainbow Stripes! Found them at a community garage sale/antique show. They had the same sizes in yellow & blue, too {and if I was rich, I would have jumped on them, but sadly I had to chose}. So I had to decide which color to take home, I chose pink. I paid $25 for the two. Again, more than I'm usually willing to pay, for sure, but it's not every day you see pink Rainbow Stripe, right?
 Although this find, at the same sale, was only $5! A Fire King jadite 2qt casserole! Not Pyrex, sorry, but I sort of have a thing for jadite, too. For $5, I couldn't pass it up! Although when I got it home and researched it, I found out it is Fire-King 2000, not vintage. Still, for $5 I love it!
 Last but not least, at an indoor flea market I picked up this corner shelf for a steal. I've been looking for a corner shelf to help with my Pyrex display {we live in too small a house for this addiction} so I took it home.
Thanks for looking. Happy Pyrexing!

Heather @ Lark & Lola


  1. Love your pyrex finds and that corner shelf is darling.


  2. Wow, you have found some great pieces. Keep it up! Also, LOVE the shelf. It's perfect for your display.

  3. I think that is so cute with the paperwhites!

  4. Great Pyrex finds!! Love the corner shelf! Your Pyrex looks great on it!

  5. The corner shelf is perfect!
    Best of luck finding that last butterprint dish to complete your set :)

  6. I love the colors you use!! I would love to sit in your dining room and have a cupcake and coffee! How fun!

  7. The corner shelf works so well & makes your Pyrex collection look even cuter!! Very jealous!