Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Solid Turquoise!!!

I have been on the hunt for some solid turquoise for a while now. I very rarely buy online, it's much more fun (and usually cheaper) to find to find pieces in the wild. Lookie what I found today!

It's almost perfect. There are a few small scratches when held up to the light but overall I'm very happy with it.

It's going to hang out with my three Butterprints for now since they are missing their 404. Perfect.

To read about the rest of my non-Pyrex finds you can visit my blog!


  1. Lucky you! I love the thrill of the hunt. It's just too easy and way less gratifying to buy it online. Great Job!

  2. OMG!! What a lucky & wonderful find!! I've been looking for some turquoise for ages!! I see them all the time on ebay, but I'm not willing to pay the price they're usually asking. It looks beautiful with your Butterprint.

  3. Turquoise is awesome! I'm jealous of the round Buterprint bowls. I like them so much more than the Cinderella bowls.

  4. Gorgeous! I have my solid turquoise 404 displayed with Butterprint, too. They just go together :)