Saturday, January 14, 2012

fridays are for friendship it turns out

and when it is the first time you have ever scored a piece of friendship
and then to find four beauties in one place
and that place being a thrift store
well, I'm sure you can imagine my delight
I always love being in awe of this pattern when I find it at antique stores
but for the price, I just never can give in
and they never seem to be in the shape I want
well, I'm not going to make anyone hate me and say I found these pieces for a dollar
but, at $10 a piece, I was still over the moon
happy weekend everyone
even more pyrex eye candy over at my blog
because these pieces deserved multiple photos 


  1. Wow, $10 each? I thought my local thrift stores were bad doing $7 for items like that. Very pretty, and I would have paid that much too.

  2. Well done. They look like they are in incredible condition too!

  3. I definitely would have paid that much for them. The only Friendship pieces I've seen at thrifts have been two 472 solid orange casseroles, sans lids. Of course I bought them. I think you did good!