Thursday, January 26, 2012

Meagre thrifting in January

The local thrift stores have had hardly any Pyrex lately, but yesterday I found the bright and shiny Daisy divided dish for $3.00. I had paid $1.00 for the Daisy lid at another thrift back in early December. It's so satisfying to match things up!
The Spring Blossom Green bowls came from an estate sale earlier in the month: $7.50 for the set. They are nice and shiny, too.

I hope that people start spring cleaning soon, and restocking the thrifts!


  1. Awesome deals! They look in great shape!

  2. Lucky you! We too are having quite the Pyrex drought in our area. Must be the time of year. Spring cleaning is right around the corner so maybe there will be more treasures to be found :-)

  3. I was out at my usual thrifting spots today and nothing - we can all hope for spring cleaning madness!!! Don't you love the Spring Blossom bowls - I just bought one on the weekend.