Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Not a Bad Week

Well, the 3" of rain that we have accumulated in last 24 hours and the flooded streets have given me an reason to stay home and FINALLY go through all of my Pyrex thrifts from the last week.  For your viewing pleasure......
I found all three of these cradles for 2 bucks apiece and lucky for me I just so happened to have dishes to fit!  I found the Gold Wreath at an antique store, the Golden Acorn at St. Vincent's and I have had the Friendship casserole for a little while. 
Green Madness!  Found all three of these at a hole in the wall junk I mean thrift store in a small town not too far from where I live.  They had so many layers of grime that they were almost unrecognizable.  The owner of the shop didn't even know what Pyrex was.  He kept bringing me Glassbake casseroles (you know, the ones that all of the Goodwill's seem to have a major abundance of).  Oh well.  His lack of knowledge really worked in my favor because I got all three of these for $6!  Plus, all that grime kept the finish really protected because once I cleaned them up, they were PERFECT!
The Brides casserole was an awesome find.  Mint condition at a random thrift store ran by some guy who couldn't be any older than 25.  He also had NO idea what Pyrex was.  This was the only Pyrex item in the store and he sold it to me for $4.  I will definately be going back there.  The Blue Snowflake was a find from my hubby.  He must have forgotten that he bought me the exact same one around Thanksgiving.  Althought the Heinz promotional is not a color I normally would buy, I can't seem to pass up anything Pyrex Promotional.  And the three refrigerator dishes were too minty to pass up!
Miss Maddy, my 9 year old daughter, is acquiring quite the Pyrex eye.  She found this Blue Delphite divided dish in the same store as all the lime green items I found.  She was so excited.  Her first pick!
On a final note, yellow/orange Butterprint 4 quart Cinderella bowl.  Perfection.  I think I'm in love....


  1. Gush! Would you be wanting to trade something for the Heinz Promo??

    1. I am always up for trading! What do you have in mind?

    2. Maybe you can send an email off to me? sixballoons -at_ gmail (dot) com


  2. Wow, what a great haul!!

  3. I just found the Heinz promo for a great price at an estate sale!