Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rainy Sunday Blues

Been cutting back on thrifting lately as we've finally settled into our home (even if it is a rental for now).  And by cutting back on thrifting, meaning maybe 3 times a week.  However, we do usually go out on Sunday mornings since Goodwill has a new color tag sale and Salvation Army usually has a special going on Sunday. 

Today was a blue day.  Blue tags for Blue Pyrex.  I've only found a few pieces of pyrex over the last few weeks.  The last item was blue pyrex... Butterprint Cinderella Casserole for $3.99.   Today I found the large Butterprint fridgie (w/o lid) sitting tucked under other bowls at the GW.  It was rather dirty and caked with that yellow baked on goo.  Perfect condition otherwise and all for $3.99 too!  I almost have a full butterprint fridgie set minus one small fridgie.  Exciting!  Also picked up a lid for the small cinderella casseroles... for $.99 ... can never have too many of these.  ( I think I have quite a few for back ups!)

My next find was at the Salvation Army which had 50% off everything storewide.  I couldn't resist the blue and white rooster mugs... and at only $1 for the pair ($1.99 and then 50% off)!  What a deal!! 


  1. Yay! I never find anything at goodwill or salvation army.

  2. All great finds and LOVE the mugs!

  3. Very nice finds!

    We rent too, no shame in that! Oh, and 3 times a week would be "cutting back" for me too. It's so hard to pass a thrift store and not stop to see whats inside!

  4. Waiting on the house in South Carolina to sell. We have renters in it as of the first week of January, so we have some time to look right now. 6 month lease for us on the rental house, but I wouldn't mind staying here for a little while just to "settle".