Monday, January 2, 2012

Pyrex Holidays

It was a good Christmas for Pyrex in our house.

First, I found this under the tree:

Golden Grapes Chip and Dip!
(Thanks to Don for making the chip and dip brackets and selling them on Etsy!)

Then, I made my first holiday dinner:


Delphite Gourmet Casserole (in cradle) for the Green Beans
Golden Leaf (Christmas) bowl for the Mashed Potatoes
Flamingo Pink Round Bottomed Casserole for the Rice
Autumn Harvest 401 for the Applesauce
Dandelion Duet for the two types of Cranberry Sauce
Sage Medallion 443 Cinderella Bowl for the Stuffing
And a little Red Hostess Ramekin for the Olives.

And lots of other Pyrex played supporting roles in the kitchen!

Hope everyone else had a great holiday, too!


  1. Girl, you did it up big time!!!

  2. Wow! What a first dinner! It really looks like the last supper with all that yummy food. Nice work :)