Saturday, January 21, 2012

perfectly paired with pyrex

a while back I thrifted this small Pyrex mixing bowl
and that was when I started researching what it originally went to
so today when I found the Hamilton Beach Mixer that the bowl was made for
I couldn't pass it by!
I can't wait to get to use it - but for now - it sure makes my kitchen look pretty!


  1. I have the same mixing bowl with the matching larger one, too! I thought the matching mixer was older, though, how did you find out that this was the matching one? I'd love to know what you found in your research :)

  2. Heather it is probably an older version - I just know that it is the brand mixer the bowls were made for! The pictures I've found of this exact mixer has stainless steel looking bowls - however the store where I bought it also had it paired with the older Pyrex bowl so I'm just going with it :)