Sunday, January 15, 2012

Highlights of My Thrifting Weekend

Just wanted to share a few new finds.......

The Crazy Quilt lid obviously doesn't go with the Butterprint casserole, but I had to have it ($6 at an antique shop!)  I couldn't help it and had to include these cups I found in the picture too!
I picked up this Gold Leaf promotional at Goodwill and absolutely love it!  I don't think this lid is right, but it fits and will work for the time being.
This is my husband's weekend pick.  From what I can find, this casserole is from the 1920s/30s.  The holder is unique and I haven't found the exact match online.  We paid $10, which is more than usual, but what a unique and beautiful piece!  Happy thrifting, and lets cross our fingers that this west coast snow lays off so Sister and I can meet in Portland tomorrow for a 2 day thrifting adventure!


  1. Pretty! It looks like the gold leaf lid is actually a pie plate? The mugs are also super cool.

  2. Lots of great finds. I love those mugs in the top photo!

  3. I thought it was a pie plate at first too, but it has a ridge that only a lid would have. What a strange shape. but it fits!

  4. Ha! I just bought 4 of those rooster mugs over the weekend. I've been eyeballing them for forever and finally decided to treat myself, they're so cool aren't they?

    That crazy quilt lid is really fab too- I like the dishes that have fun lids- Friendship being at the top of my "faves" list!