Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pyrex in Action

While I adore Butterprint and anything in turquoise, pink or friendship, Butterfly Gold print has become the standard in my house. Don't get me wrong... I do have a few duplicates of butterprint and a good collection of fridgies that I use regularly as well. BUT,  I have been collecting the dish set for our everyday use and still gathering enough pieces to make a complete set of at least 12.  I'm missing the small berry/dessert bowls, 8 salad plates and 5 regular bowls. 

This past week I took a few shots of Pyrex in action at my house....

Waffles for dinner one night this week.....(along with ANY vintage items I have.. I just love these vintage measuring cups!)

And movie night......


  1. Popcorn tastes so much better in a Pyrex bowl!

  2. That's great! I'm the same way...adore Butterprint and Friendship, but have Spring Blossom Green as my "everyday" pattern. I grew up using SBG Corelle plates and bowls, so I can't pass that pattern up when I find it at thrifts. Enjoy your Butterfly Gold collection :)

  3. I love using my Pyrex too!! Everything truly does taste better (to me) in Pyrex!

  4. How funny that so many of us are similar in our preferences- That must be why it's hard to find those patterns- my favorites are Butterprint and Friendship, but I have tons of Spring Blossom and Snowflake Garland- those just seem to be everywhere around here!

  5. I have a bunch of spring blossom i will be getting rid of in the next few weeks. Bowls and some pyrex mugs. I thrifted it all for a low price. Im going to sell it off at cost..... what i paid for it.