Thursday, January 5, 2012

Some Pyrex Pictures Found on my Phone

I love to use my Pyrex- I only have one or two pieces that are two special to use (hello, Starburst SpaceSaver- I would be WAY too upset if something happened to it). A few "action" shots:

My autumn centerpiece, gourds in an Autumn Harvest 443 Cinderella Bowl:

Making white chocolate raspberry muffins in the Red Primary Bowl.

(And yes, white chocolate raspberry muffins are essentially just white chocolate raspberry cupcakes with out the frosting...)

Apple crisp in the Heinz 507 Utility Dish.

Happy Pyrex Hunting!


  1. I really love using my pyrex as well, especially the less prisitinr pieces. It just makes everything more beautiful.

  2. I've been trying to resist collecting Pyrex,because I have way too many collections already and not enough space. But looking at your banner makes my resolve fall apart! Gorgeous...just gorgeous!