Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Winter Blues

This is what my Pyrex cabinet has looked like for winter.  I love seeing all the blue and turquoise I have all together!  Since I took this picture, I've even acquired a couple other pieces.  I may have done some late night e-baying and this showed up in the mail today--in one piece, complete with lid and candle warmer!

My newest discovery is that I can find some of the candle warmers and holder things at the thrift stores separate from the casseroles.  The top center oval casserole is in a candle warmer that I found all on it's own.  I recently found a holder for the round casserole in the middle on the right.  I'm sad that they got separated from their original mates, but glad to add them to my collection.

I love these abstract-ish snowflakes!

Who can resist turquoise and snowflakes?!

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  1. Very pretty!! I love how you have them displayed!

  2. I do not personally know anyone who can resist turquoise.

  3. I have this exact hutch! (I think!) I absolutely love it. :) Great blues, btw!