Wednesday, January 4, 2012

English Pyrex Platters

This is a repeat from my blog, so apologies to those of you who got it twice!

As part of my organizational overhaul this week I've been pulling out stuff from all of my cupboards and taking a bit of an inventory (I've been thrifting too much and organizing too little). Yesterday I realized how many lovely English Pyrex (JAJ) platters I have collected this year. I'm still holding out for some Cottage Rose, I adore the colours.

I think the June Rose pattern is my fave. This holds pride of place in my living room.

In Carnaby Tempo, a little scratched but the pattern's so cute.
Chelsea is a little boring for decor, but it looks great heaped with food.
My newest addition, Autumn Glory. Supposedly this is a steak plate, but that would be an enormous steak!
I have no idea what this pattern is called, I can't find it anywhere.

I know, not a platter, but those peaches looked so pretty I couldn't resist.
Happy thrifting everyone


  1. Wow, those are beautiful! Maybe someday I will find a stray English Pyrex platter here in the States!

  2. <3 these---& learned something new about Pyrex. Thanks for sharing. XO, Kate

  3. As they say in Britain, "Lovely!"

  4. I have a small cottage rose casserole for trade!

  5. It's so nice to see the JAJ patterns! I love the Carnaby Tempo pattern.

  6. Oooh I love them all! That last platter, though, is my favorite. The one you don't know the name of. Gorgeous!

  7. I've never seen the platters before now. Beautiful! I will be on the lookout for then now.

  8. Lucky! I hope I will find a platter some day.