Sunday, September 18, 2011

How to Alienate Pyrex Lovers

I didn't get a chance to do much thrifting this weekend. I did find some pieces at antique malls that were insanely overpriced and nothing that I couldn't live without.

I also crossed paths with a very pushy dealer who lectured me on everything Pyrex. But was wrong about almost all of it. She told me she was the Queen of Pyrex and knew everything there is to know. But that Pyrex and FireKing are the same company, Pyrex's delphite line is Bluebonnet - not Bluebelle, and Pyrex never made a Starburst piece. Correcting your potential buyers doesn't seem like the best way to close a deal, but ok. I was willing to look past all of that and keep searching, but she constantly corrected me when I was telling my son the patterns. I know I am a recent collector, but I know Friendship, when I see it. It's not Woodstock like she called it. In the end, we left rather quickly.

I also spotted this Rose colored Hostess Dish. I have never seen this color before but the price was too steep for me. $29.

I found my first clear fridgie and loaf pan and got some pieces off eBay. I got the pink lasagna pan, pink 503 and blue 502 off eBay. Not sure if the white bowl is part of a dinnerware line but I love it. The Terra piece and stripes bowl will likely go to my trade list.

Hope you all had some great finds!

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  1. I have that hostess dish with lid in yellow, I think I paid $18 at an estate sale. That woman sounds annoying. I can't wait to meet up! Let me know your schedule.

  2. Grrrrrrr know it all's that don't know it all drive me crazy! You still found some awesome Pyrex!

  3. Those people bug me so much! Cool finds :)

  4. She called Friendship 'Woodstock'?? I would have burst out laughing right then and there! :)

  5. Boy, clueless AND delusional what a combo. "Pyrex Queen" indeed. She knew perfectly well she was making it all up, nobody calls Friendship "Woodstock". Did you find an all-white crimped pie plate? That's neat!

  6. Yikes, what a nightmare. People like that drive me nuts, especially since you can get so much information on the internet. Like you wouldn't be able to look it up?
    Anyway that Rose dish is pretty. I found one of the little bowls in white and yours makes me think there are more colors than just red and yellow.

  7. Yes, it was painful and annoying at the same time. Woodstock, really. Who says that? @Jackie - yes, I found an all-white crimped pie plate. I have seen this before and can't wait to bake in mine!