Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pyrex Jackpot

Lately I haven't come across any Pyrex worth buying at the thrifts. I usually find pieces in fair condition with antique store prices. Today that all changed. I took a later lunch than normal today and got to the Goodwill right when they were putting out a bin of Pyrex. She still had several bowls in the tote and I had to wait for her to put them on the shelves because they have a no touching policy.

I am not a huge fan of the Butterfly gold but for a set of 3 in almost perfect condition (at least until I dropped the 403 on my Kitchen Aid and put a flea bite in the rim). The prices weren't great at $4.04 for the 401 and $5.05 for the other 2. My Goodwill has definitely caught onto the Pyrex craze. $5.00 is my flinch point so hopefully they won't get too much higher.

This small casserole is one that I have never seen. From some of my research I found some labelled Golden Rosette. I liked it and for $4.04 it seemed like a pretty good price.

 These 3 bowls were my best and favorite finds today. The 2 orange bowls were taped together for $9.09. If I had known how much time it would take for me to remove the tape on these bowls I would have wanted them for half that price. The 402 bowl was priced seperately but I'm pretty sure it goes to this set. There was a yellow 401 but with scratching and wear on it and I thought I had the right bowl at home. As you can see from the last picture I may not have the right yellow.  I think this might be the Daisy set (Citrus).

Do you think the 401 I have with this set is the right color. The 2 bowls (401, 402) to the right are bowls I had purchased a couple of months ago. The yellow is the same color as the other 401 but the 402 is a different color than the 402 in the 3 bowl set I bought today.

These are the bowls I purchased but the ones I left behind were a little sad. There was a red hostess bowl that had faded to almost pink and they wanted $8.08 for it. A large green cinderella bowl with scratches galore for $10.01 and the badly damaged yellow bowl that probably goes with the set for $4.04.

I don't normally splurge as much as I did today but my birthday was recently and my hubby told me to buy myself something nice. This definitely falls in my nice range.


  1. The colors may be off on my computer but I think your 401s are from the Verde set and that you are right about the new bowls being Daisy. I would love to find that Daisy set! That or turquoise, lol.

  2. The Golden Rosette is actually quite nice.

  3. Sunshine -- I thought so as well once I put them together. I guess I need a more bold yellow.

    I like the rosette bowl a lot too.